Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal Energy information for Cyprus and the region. brings you an outline of Geothermal information in the Geothermal Energy sector and Geothermal industry in Cyprus.

Geothermal energy can be used in the form of geothermal heating and cooling, in order to provide not only a regular heating system, but also the option to reverse the cycle and cool your home.

Not all geothermal heat pump designs can heat and cool your home, but our energy suppliers and installers can advise you on the best system for your needs.

To heat our homes, geothermal energy must be extracted in some way, and the most common way is to use a heat pump (ground source heat pump). These technologies have been around for many years now, with proven results. Usually the heat connects to an underfloor heating system.

Geothermal power is an expensive source of renewable energy; however, large areas can be supplied with electricity. The steam and heat from the core of the earth is derived into sustainable energy. As all the other types of renewable energy resources it is seen as environmental friendly and gives a long term solution.

Cooling is the reverse process, whereby water within pipework absorbs heat from our homes, is pumped through the pipes buried in the ground, and this allows the ground to absorb this heat energy, resulting in cooler water coming out the other end.

We can generate geothermal energy by drilling deep holes into the earths crust pumping cold water through one end and then by the time it rises back to the surface the water can be hundreds of degrees Celsius which we then use as steam to drive a turbine which drives a generator creating power. Geothermal energy is one of the best natural energies around.

So the first advantage of using geothermal heat to power a power station is that, unlike most power stations, a geothermal system does not create any pollution. It may once in a while release some gases from deep down inside the earth, that may be slightly harmful, but these can be contained quite easily.

The cost of the land to build a geothermal power plant on, is usually less expensive than if you were planning to construct an; oil, gas, coal, or nuclear power plant. The main reason for this is land space, as geothermal plants take up very little room, so you don’t need to purchase a larger area of land. Another factor that comes into this is that because geothermal energy is very clean, you may receive tax cuts, and/or no environmental bills or quotas to comply with the countries carbon emission scheme (if they have one).

No other fuel is used to generate the power, which in return, means the running costs for the plants are very low as there are no costs for purchasing, transporting, or cleaning up of fuels you may consider purchasing to generate the power.

The overall financial aspect of these plants is outstanding, you only need to provide power to the water pumps, which can be generated by the power plant itself anyway.