Infosys launches 6.6MW solar power plant on its campus in Telangana

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Infosys on Monday launched a 6.6 MW solar PV (photovoltaics) power plant on its Pocharam campus in Telangana.

With this launch, combined with the existing 0.6 MW capacity rooftop solar plant, the Infosys campus in Pocharam will be one of the first corporate campuses in India that will be run completely by renewable energy.

The plant, with a total capacity of 7.2 MW, has been successfully synchronized with the grid and is expected to generate 12 million kWh per annum. This initiative is expected to reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by 9,200 tons.

Currently, the company has installed 12 MW solar power plants (onsite) across its campuses and another 3 MW is expected to be completed within the next two months.

Ramadas Kamath, executive vice-president and head – infrastructure, facilities, administration, security and sustainability, Infosys, said, “Companies have a responsibility to the communities in which they are present and sustainable development and climate change are issues that businesses need to get actively involved in. We hope other companies will emulate us, aligning to the goals committed by India at COP21, Paris, with an overall objective of creating a sustainable future.”

The Infosys IT SEZ at Pocharam is a 450-acre campus. The Phase-1 of this campus has a built-up area of 30 lakh square feet with 16,000 seats, software development blocks, residential training facilities, food courts, recreational facilities, multi-level car parking, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and utility blocks.

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Determining the solar energy potentials of private homes

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Determining the solar energy potentials of private homes

EAGLESolar project calculates the suitability of individual homes for installation of solar facilities and potential energy savings based on 3D maps, weather data, and electricity tariffs. Credit: IPF, KIT

Recently, Google started the Sunroof project, a service that calculates potential energy savings of home owners due to solar facilities on their roofs. However, this project covers a few cities in the USA only. Scientists of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and European partners have now finished the EAGLESolar research project. It covers the same activities in European cities and take into account local conditions. Among the test regions is Karlsruhe with its districts of Knielingen and Nordweststadt.

As a result of decreasing costs of solar thermal and , every house owner can produce electricity or heat on his own in principle. Often, an energy consultant is needed to decide to what an extent the house roof is suited for installation of photovoltaic systems and whether they are worthwhile. Under the EAGLESolar project funded by the European Union with EUR 2.4 million, scientists of KIT determined the suitability of roofs with so far unreached precision.

In a first step, the project partners provide high-resolution aerial photos or laser scanning data of various cities in Europe, including municipalities near Karlsruhe. The scientists of the KIT Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (IPF) then used these photos to generate three-dimensional maps similar to Google Maps, but with a much higher resolution up to 10 cm or better. This high precision of the maps was required for the researchers to develop an algorithm to calculate potential suitability of roof areas for the installation of solar facilities. The more precise the model is, the better is automatic analysis of roof areas usable for solar facilities and the closer are the calculations to reality.

Calculation of the potential of a roof is based on static data, such as the roof area available, orientation of the roof, and its inclination. In addition, variable data, such as areas shaded by other houses, trees, stacks, or dormers and reducing the efficiency of solar facilities, are considered. Determination of shaded areas is complex, as the sun casts variable shades depending on the time of day and season. Consequently, analysis has to consider all angles of incidence of solar radiation throughout the year.

To calculate these huge data volumes arising from the precision of the 3D maps and the sun’s course, the project partners for the first time used supercomputers. “Processing these data volumes with conventional computers simply is not time- or cost-efficient. Together with our project partners, including supercomputing centers, we redesigned workflows to obtain effective results by parallel computing,” Stefan Hinz, Head of the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, says. On conventional PCs, calculations are divided into small packages and executed successively. When using supercomputers, these packages are calculated at the same time, i.e. in parallel, which produces the results significantly faster.

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The project partners combined these data on the suitability of roofs with regional weather data, such as average cloud density or number of sunshine hours, to prognosticate the expected power and heat production. Finally, automatic comparison with daily tariffs and funding options yields potential financial savings.

Explore further: Solar panels keep buildings cool

Provided by: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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Italy’s Eni renews agreement for oil, gas search off Cyprus for 2 more years

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NICOSIA, Cyprus – The Cyprus government has renewed an agreement with Italian energy company Eni and its South Korean partner KOGAS to search for oil and gas in waters off the Mediterranean island’s southern coast.

Eni said in August that it discovered off Egypt’s coast what it called the biggest gas field ever found in the Mediterranean sea.

Cyprus Energy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis says Eni’s license to search in three areas has been extended to February 2018.

He said after a Cabinet meeting Monday exploratory drilling could begin sometime in 2017, but a consortium study is still in its preliminary stage.

Earlier this month, French energy company Total also renewed its license to search for oil and gas off Cyprus for two more years.

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Cyprus to Begin Two Stage Single Integrated Casino Resort

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Cyprus to Begin Two Stage Single Integrated Casino Resort

September Will Be the Beginning of a Two Stage Process in Cyprus for Single Integrated Resort Licenses

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus assigned the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, to proceed with the process of licensing a single Integrated Casino Resort that will be the leading Integrated Casino Resort in Europe and amongst the best in the world.

The two stage process will begin in September in Cyprus to select the single integrated resort license. The government made the announcement earlier this week, just a few weeks after the Operations and Casino Control Legislation of 2015 was approved.

The chosen operator of the process will be able to open a big casino resort along with satellite locations throughout the island. Whoever is chosen will be the first ever casino resort in Southern Cyprus.

The Operations and Casino Control Legislation of 2015 will authorize one casino resort license for 30 years with the National Gaming and Casino Commission overseeing the establishment for a 15 year period. When September gets here the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism will start its competitive process to select one of the following licensee holders along with some local operators; Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands and Genting Bhd.

The first part of the process will be an invitation for expression of interest that will allow three bidders to submit a binding bid in the second stage. The plan to the process is to create a resort that will integrate its competition with the best in the world

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Cyprus Continues Energy Outreach With Israel Agreement

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Continuing its push to strengthen regional ties on the back of its energy potential, Cyprus agreed to expand cooperation with Israel this week, including pipeline and grid sharing as a means of reaching the European market.

According to Israeli media reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades stated that they would increase collaborations to exploit the full potential of the offshore natural  gas reserves claimed by each country.

“There is palpably renewed energy in our relationship, I mean that figuratively and literally,” Netanyahu said, according to a Haaretz report. “… We think that by cooperating with each other we can take it out more easily, we can market it better, to the betterment of both our societies.”

Over the last five years, Cyprus has made a concerted effort to strengthen ties in the Eastern Mediterranean region based on the country’s new-found energy status. This has included downplaying historical tension, striking up technical and logistical sharing efforts and, in the case of Turkey, paved the way towards easing decades of separation.

While this effort has not always worked miracles, it has established Cyprus as a happy middle-man in a region with a viable, potential energy future, both as a producer and transport hub for reserves further afield.

This effort dates back to a 2011 discovery by Cyprus, but progress has been slow as the country’s weakened economic standing has made it difficult to nail down the financing needed to pursue exploration, production and export options.

However, according to recent reports, only one company has had any success in finding offshore reserves in the region. According to a Reuters report, Texas-based Noble, “discovered a field with an estimated 4.5 trillion cubic feet of gas south of Cyprus in 2011. It is close to Israel’s Leviathan with its estimated 22 trillion cubic feet of reserves.”

The country’s progress and access to potential export markets could be helped by new collaborations with Israel.

While the two leaders offered few specifics about what this closer relationship might ultimately mean, they did allude to an Eastern Mediterranean pipeline and a Eurasia interconnector, “a private project to transport to Europe electricity powered by natural gas.”

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Israel, Cyprus seek to bolster energy, security cooperation

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Flurry of meetings in wake of Israeli PM’s visit

Netanyahu, on an official visit to Nicosia, said “Iran and Hezbollah organize a terrorist network that covers over 30 countries on five continents, including just about every country in Europe”.

The Israeli Government has signed an agreement with the Cyprus Government to further expand their cooperation in energy sector.

According to Israeli media reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades stated that they would increase collaborations to exploit the full potential of the offshore natural gas reserves claimed by each country.

Israel has reported some of the largest natural gas discoveries worldwide in the past decade.

Israel has found large reserves off its own shoreline and the two countries are looking to cooperate on energy issues such as exporting Israeli natural gas.

Anastasiades told Reuters: “With the Prime Minister, we agree exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon assets is a sovereign right that is instrumental in the wider regional context and as part of a reciprocally beneficial relationship”.

The Cypriot president said he and Netanyahu also looked at “practical ways” of bolstering security and countering terrorism.

Just last month, a member of the Lebanese Shi’ite terror group was jailed in Cyprus for plotting attacks on Israeli targets on the Mediterranean island.

“We want to achieve peace, peace depends on security and ultimately if you don’t have the capacity to defend that peace it collapses very rapidly in our area”, Netanyahu said.

Israel and its Western allies have repeatedly blamed Iran for allegedly supporting militant groups in the region, specifically Lebanon-based Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Cyprus, Israel seek to bolster energy, security cooperation, move Mideast

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Susan Cunningham, Noble Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NBL)’s insider Unloaded 16000 Shares

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Susan Cunningham Noble Energy insider Unloaded 16000 Shares-Transactions
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Susan Cunningham Insider Sell Transaction

The Noble Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NBL) 35.21 -0.94 -2.60%’s Exec. VP – EHSR & New Frontiers, Susan Cunningham, the well informed woman unloaded – 16,000 Noble Energy Inc’s shares, based on the avg market share price which is $35.4 per each share. This sale of shares now has a value of around $566,080 U.S. Dollars. This trade was reported on 30-07-2015 and is already filed with the Security Exchange Commission. The original document is available for public review to the public here. Now, she has rights to a total of 158,795 shares or 0.04% of the company’s market cap (share price times the number of shares outstanding).

Noble Energy Inc Stock Rating, Sentiment and Fundamentals

It is difficult to make conclusions about Noble Energy Inc’s future just from Susan Cunningham’s sale because in this filing, the insider also revealed option transactions. In the form, it was reported that Susan exercised options for 16,000 shares with average price 20.7, worth 331,720. According to thirty five leading analysts that are covering this firm’s financial position, there is an expectation of earnings-per-share of $0.26 for the 2015 year, which gives Noble Energy Inc a Price/Earnings ratio of 140.64. A growth rate year-on-year of less than -5.40% is expected.

Rating & Sentiment
PsychSignal Social: SELL
Analysts Rating: BUY
Hedge Funds Sentiment: NEUTRAL
Stock Fundamentals
Earnings + FCF Trend: SELL
Sector/Industry Macro: BEARISH
Valuation Models:
Technical Analysis
ST Trend: DOWN
MT Trend: DOWN
LT Trend: DOWN
OctaFinance Rating*: SELL

* Read How Our Stock Ratings System Works

The share price of Noble Energy Inc has decreased 38.00% compared to the price last 200 days. And this weak down trend looks set to continue. The chart below depict our advanced stocks time momentum system due to which we give the stock a SELL rating.

Price Chart of Noble Energy NYSE:NBL Stock

Source: RightEdgeSystems, Yahoo Split & Dividend Adjusted Data and OctaFinance Interpretations

A combination of fundamental & technical analysis help stock traders make the best returns, just like the famous Leon Cooperman once noted.

Hedge Funds Ownership

In the previous quarter 502 hedge funds had shares of Noble Energy Inc. Our tracked banks along with hedge funds and other institutional investors have traditionally had an extremely high interest in the company, and that was also the case in Q4 2014. The institutional ownership was 85.18% of the stock’s outstanding shares. Its down 3.32% from previous quarter. These hedge funds decreased the total shares they own by 11.39 million to 332.20 million this quarter. A total of 69 funds opened new positions in Noble Energy Inc and 172 increased their holdings. There were 80 funds that closed their positions and 184 that reduced them.

As revealed by SEC’s 13F filings, the company is in Top 10 stock portfolios of seven institutional investors. They are: Santa Fe Partners Llc, Dynamic Capital Management Ltd, Sailingstone Capital Partners Llc, Penn Davis Mcfarland Inc, Lucas Capital Management, Mitchell Group Inc, Knott David M.

Santa Fe Partners Llc had the greatest investment with ownership of 86,294 shares as of Q4 2014 for 0.51% of the fund’s portfolio. Dynamic Capital Management Ltd is another positive asset manager possessing 85,002 shares of the company or 2.12% of their stocks portfolio. The stock is also 0.43% of the fund’s AUM. Sailingstone Capital Partners Llc have 8.12% of their stock portfolio invested in the company’s market cap for 6.76 million shares. Further, The Texas-based fund Penn Davis Mcfarland Inc disclosed it had acquired a stake worth 4.28% of the fund’s stock portfolio in the company. Russell Lucas’s Lucas Capital Management was also a notable follower of the Texas-based company, owning 152,075 shares. Noble Energy Inc is 2.68% of the fund’s stock portfolio.

Noble Energy NYSE:NBL Company Profile

Noble Energy, Inc. is an independent energy company engaged in crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids exploration and production. Its operations are grouped into four components: the United States; West Africa (Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon and Sierra Leone; Eastern Mediterranean (Israel and Cyprus), and Other International and Corporate. Its assets in the United States include DJ Basin, Marcellus Shale, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico and Other Onshore US. The onshore West Africa includes the Alba field, Block O and Block I offshore Equatorial Guinea, the YoYo mining concession and Tilapia PSC, offshore Cameroon, two blocks offshore Sierra Leone, and one block offshore Gabon. In the Eastern Mediterranean, it has six leases and five licenses operated offshore Israel and one license operated offshore Cyprus. Other International includes various international new ventures, such as offshore Nicaragua and offshore Falkland Islands.

Company Website: Noble Energy

Noble Energy Inc was formed in Delaware on 1969-12-29. This company has 2735 employees. As of writing its market capitalization is: $13.38 billion and it has 371.87 million shares outstanding. At the moment there are 94.16% shareholders and the institutional ownership is 94.16%. The stock closed at $36.16 yesterday and it had average 2 days volume of 1722636 shares. It is up from the 30 days average shares volume of 1612570. Noble Energy Inc has a one year low of $34.26 and a 52w high of $72.81. The current price is below the 200 days Simple moving average. Noble Energy Inc last issued its quarterly earnings data on 05/05/2015. The company reported 0.03 EPS for the quarter, same as the consensus estimate of 0.03 . The company had a revenue of 759.00 million for 3/31/2015 and 1.07 billion for 12/31/2014. Therefore, the revenue was -311,000,000 down.

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